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Chapstick+Creation obsession+icons
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cre·o, cre·ar·e, cre·av·i, cre·at·um
       to make, create, produce, to beget, bear.
personal journal: chapstick_chick

This is a community specifically for my obsessive attempts at making artistic icons, banners, colorbars, and the like. Feel free to join or watch, but the only person who can post here is me, chapstick_chick. I am always honored when my icons are used, commented upon, or given constructive criticism, so feel free. Also feel free to watch/friend the comm, as I'll keep it updated frequently. ♥

Please note that I am rather new at all of this so my icons aren't the best. Hopefully you'll see a gradual rise in skill over time. :)

credit where credit is due
I try not to use a lot of other people's brushes, bases, etc-- but I cannot honestly say I don't use any. So far here is the list:

please see my resource list

links & affiliates

links worth ♥:
my webdesign portfolio

want to become an affilate? either drop a comment in the comm or my journal, or send me an email.

commissions & requests
Icon requests (for use on livejournal) are welcome!! I am just beginning so any requests would be great. If you have base pictures that you want me to use, let me know.
Larger Graphics (for otherly use) are also avalible upon request. However if you want graphics for a website layout or banners (and I don't know you personally), you will need to commission me. If it's just a banner for livejournal & I already <3 you, just ask & I'll let you know if I can or not. I can be commissioned for drawings as well. Send me an estimate & I'll let you know if it's alright. :)
Layouts also require commission, and I have a webdesign portfolio that you can take a look at.
Contact me for requests by commenting on this journal, my personal journal, or send me an email. If you want to me to do a commission, you should email me.

faq & misc info
why should I credit?
Because: graphics journals, free brushes, free tutorials, and the like are all about sharing with the livejournal community. If you claim someone else's work as your own, the sharing stops-- and that's no good for you, your friends, or the original artist.

why can't I edit your/someone else's icons/work?
Because it is their hard work put into it, and changing 1 or 2 things about it does not make it "yours." Maybe people will want to share the icon with their friends but they won't know where it came from, and again, the sharing will stop. :( If another artist says it's ok for you to edit their graphic work, then that's their choice. I don't allow or appreciate it done to my work. kthx.

why do I have to comment when I take an icon?
Because I am vain and I want to know if my work is being used. If I don't get any feedback on a certain batch of icons, then I know I am doing something wrong. Also it lets me know that there are people interested in the subject matter I choose, and maybe even make friends. :)

Have a question? Email me.